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Force yourself to go out and have a good time. You could use some fun, and your friends will be Today you need to communicate when something is bothering you. A friend who wronged you may not Trust your instincts today when it comes to dealing with a frenemy. Someone posing as a pal with Happiness is in the eye of the beholder, so quit comparing your love life with others.

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Even the A big project may seen daunting to you today, but if you stop procrastinating you'll be able to Today offers a great opportunity to ask your crush out. You've been waiting for your chance and Faced with a tough decision? Whether you're looking for a weekly horoscope or a monthly horoscope , our team of astrologers have you covered. Interested in the investigating another take on this ancient process?

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And, of course, there are the matters of the heart. Thankfully, our love horoscopes can guide you through even the murkiest moments. Although at work your futuristic ideas win praise and you could even be offered a place on an influential committee. Personal planet Mercury helps you recognise the kind of partner who would bring you emotional and financial security.

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If you are in a relationship, remember how and why you got together. The strongest source of luck begins when something on TV matches a china vase that has been in your family forever. Instead of travelling side-by-side, Mars and Venus prepare to take different routes through your chart. If you are in a settled relationship, your challenge is to get closer without making things too claustrophobic. You set out to fix up a friend, but you are the one who gets the hot date.

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What you say and the way you say it works beautifully because communicator planet Mercury makes you sharp, and Venus makes you subtle — so you can win arguments before others even notice. Your work ideas have a touch of genius and you match that with a new style of dressing that gets you noticed.

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To opt out of free promo messages call Helpline: SP: Inveroak. A partnership moon is a mix of great opportunities and second chances. So whether you seek new or old love, you will find what is closest to your heart. Being honest about what you want to achieve will help you reach your keep-fit goal — as a place should open up for you with a group of friends who exercise together.

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  4. Your own sign is Venus-kissed, plus smart-powered by Mercury, so you are ready to make love-waves. If you have been holding something back in love, let it flow as Venus brings a new start. Mercury is on hand to make sure you say and do exactly what is right for you. On a day that is full of surprises, Neptune opens your creative mind and ideas pour out.

    They will surprise you, but they are good for you.