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This is the time and place you will be basing your calculations on. Calculate your chart. Is the Moon in Via Combusta? A malefic and unpredictable influence.

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Is the Moon Void of Course? The Moon is void of course when it will not complete any major aspects before leaving its current sign. Nothing works smoothly when a Moon is void of course. Lilly defines the Moon as being void of course when it will not be in orb of applying to a major aspect before leaving its current sign. Lilly also accepts that a void of course Moon can still perform in Cancer, Taurus, Sagittarius or Pisces.

Is the Moon in late degrees?

Astrology 7th lord in 11th house

A chart may be unsafe to judge if the Moon is in the last degrees of a sign, especially Gemini, Scorpio and Capricorn. Is Saturn in the Seventh House? Your judgement as an astrologer may be compromised or restricted unless you are the querent as well. Is Saturn in the First House when the astrologer is the querent? Your judgement as an astrologer may be compromised or restricted. Next you need to decide which planet s rule the querent and the question.

The querent is always co-ruled by the Moon as well as by the ruler of the Ascendant, the Almuten s of the Ascendant and the rulers of any planets in the first house. You also need to decide which is the natural ruler for the issue and which houses are important in the matter. You may need to turn the chart, in other words if you are asking about the career of your partner then you will not be looking in the tenth house your own career but using the seventh house your partner as his or her first house and counting on ten houses from there. So 7th house plus 10 is counted around the chart to the 4th house.

Matters involving the partner's career are ruled by the 4th house.

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Rulerships of the Planets Sun - Self-expression, life force, authority, men, employers, power, officials, ego. Moon - Emotions, intuition, cycles, home, women, the public, lost objects, short trips, changes, mother. Mercury - Thoughts, speech, communication, business matters, transport, contracts, neighbours, young people, students, office workers. Venus The Lesser Benefic - Love life, creativity, beauty, social life, gifts, money, marriage, young women, mother, wife, pleasures, luxury goods.

Mars The Lesser Malefic - Action, energy, accidents, willpower, sex, weapons, accidents, quarrels, injury, assertiveness. Jupiter The Greater Benefic - Luck, expansion, opportunity, excess, gambling, higher education, long journeys, prophecy, foreigners, the wealthy, professionals. Saturn The Greater Malefic - Duties, responsibilities, burdens, lessons, ambitions, old people, debts, delays, poveryt, obstacles, loss father, death, restrictions.

Pars Fortuna Part of Fortune: not a planet but one of the numerous Arabic Parts - Income, possessions, treasure, money. It is weakened in this position. In this position, unlike combust, they are strengthened.


The exception is the Moon which is malefic in this position, being a New Moon. Arabic Parts The Arabic Parts also called lots are calculated by adding and subtracting the position of planets and other features on a chart.

They were put to great use by the 8th and 9th century Arab astrologers who inherited the knowledge from Babylonian, Egyptian and Greek astrology. The very ancient astrologers believed the Ascendant and the Part of Fortune were the most important elements of the chart relating to the Sun rising and the Moon rising respectively. The querent. Personal life and appearance, beginnings, accidents, new projects, length of life. Finances, values, lost or stolen objects, possessions, potential poverty or wealth, resources, material things desired, business transactions, earnings work.

East North-East. Siblings, relatives, neighbours.

Fixed Stars

Short journeys. Schooling, early education.

Planetary Gods: Twelve Gods and Seven Planets by Ken Gillman

Personal communication, letters, emails, advice. Gossip, rumours, news. North North-East. Home, parents, father, domestic issues, buried treasure, land, real estate, inheritances from parents, houses, farms, agriculture, old age, mines. The end of any matter. Children, women, luxury, affairs, gambling, hobbies, stocks, romance, pregnancy, elections, entertainment, feasts, eating, drinking, parties, fun.

1. Star Names

Personal creativity. Bodies of water, rain. North North-west.

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Stellar Code - Formalhaut

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